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Good Eats: Part Un

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

Having a storefront in the heart of downtown Berkeley opens us up to a whole world of passerby our previous cozy spot on Solano Avenue never afforded us. From the 9 to 5-ers to the dedicated evening yoga-ers, Viv&Ingrid at Oxford Hall has played host to many a pedestrian in the close to two months we have been open. And with the sunshine shining {finally!} and vacation season in full effect, it is a rare day indeed when we do not have one or two tourists popping in to shop. And whether they’re from halfway across the world or barely halfway across the US, once they’re done shopping their next question is always inevitably: where can we get something to eat?

We’re so happy you asked…

If there’s one thing we’re always happy to discuss, it’s food. From things of a more saccharine nature to the more savory end of the spectrum, we love it all, and every last plate or taste in between. And we know where to find it. And we’re happy to point you in that direction, or perhaps accompany you, because the moment we recommend it we’ll generally remember how much we love it and must at that moment procure some it for ourselves {after you order, of course, we do still have manners – unless you take too long to order, then all bets are off}.

In that spirit, we thought we’d dedicate at least part of our blog to all our favorite places with all our favorite foods. Local or not, we hope they become some of your favorites too! And of course, we’d love to hear about some of yours – we’re always looking for the next big restaurant or best hole-in-the-wall we’ve never heard of. Share away!

To kick things off, we thought we’d start close to home. When we first made the move to downtown Berkeley, we wept at our lack of proximity to Talavera, our previous taqueria of choice. No sooner had we arrived on Oxford however had our IT king/human carne asada detector sniffed out Cancun Taqueria and our tears quickly became ones of joy. Crispy fish tacos with perfectly crunchy, corn-y outer shells filled overflowing with grilled fish and tomatillo sauce that is out of this world. Super burritos that could very easily provide three meals but sadly {just for our waistlines} never make it past one. Oh, and did we mention the salsa bar? Yes, you read correctly: salsa bar. One that is stocked with delicious classics like smoky strawberry and tangy mango as well as seasonal varieties that are all craving-worthy and may or may not be consumable all on their own {not that we’re admitting to anything}. And don’t just take our word for it – the line that often extends out the door and onto Allston is full of dedicated customers who will tell you more of the same.

So if you ever find yourself in downtown Berkeley and are in the mood for a life-changing, grub-tastic experience, head to Cancun. Then perhaps stroll over to Viv&Ingrid at Oxford Hall for a post-mexican feast shopping excursion – just don’t forget to bring us a crispy taco…