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Three Things

Friday, February 24th, 2012

Call it a gift from mother nature or global warming, but we’re preparing for weekend number two full of copious amounts of sunshine in the Bay Area. To celebrate, we’re lining up some serious Saturday and Sunday plans {think the tasting menu brunch at Sunnyside Cafe, a day trip to the Lake Tahoe area and baking four dozen cupcakes big}. And to prepare for our all out fun-tastic extravaganza, we’ve done a little retail therapy here at Oxford Hall to put together an awesome weekend crash kit. Yes, we shop in our own store – so sue us.

Wishing you a wonderful end to your week – wherever it may take you.


1. LaNatura Lip Balm: Seriously folks, we never leave home without a lipgloss or chapstick handy {not to mention two to three back ups}. These colorful offerings from LaNatura pack a serious moisture punch with their organically-grown shea butter base and they’re finished with one of a few fruity flavors. What’s not to love? Our favorite is the CocoVanilla, but for those with sensitive noses the Vitamin E and Aloe version is scent free. {Tangerine, CocoVanilla, Strawberry, Vitamin E and Green Apple available in Oxford Hall now; $9/ea.}

2. For the lady that carries a lip gloss, a back up lip gloss and a back up, back up lip gloss – meet Stephanie Johnson and her slew of cute mini-carryalls that will conceal even the most serious of chapstick addictions. This sweet, pastel-colored flat pouch is from her new Spring 2012 line. We fell in love with the tweedy texture that still feels refined with the addition of the gold brushing. {See this bag and more from Stephanie Johnson’s new line in store now; from $32}

3. Admittedly, we’re having a star moment here at Viv&Ingrid. These little jet-puffed versions from our Pretty Post line  are an oldie but a goody and have been among some of our favorites lately. They’re simple yet chic and feel fresh for Spring. We throw them on and forget we’re wearing them – which is perfect since they go with just about everything in our closet. {In Oxford Hall or online; from $48}


Monday, June 20th, 2011

It is no secret that we here at Viv&Ingrid are fond of all things French. If you happen by our store, a passing glance at the reading material on hand will reveal a small library of decorating magazines (all in French – luckily pictures don’t need to be translated), a French Vogue (for the dreamers) and a newly acquired copy of Parisian Chic (a delightful little read – we recommend it!). A recent visit to the store from a foreigner that produced the comment that our shop reminded him of something you would find in the city of light reduced us to a fit of bashful, girlish giggles. Yes, it’s safe to say that whether it’s Paris or Provence, we love it all (and everything in between). Thus, when we came across these delightfully colorful totes from Famille Summerbelle, it was amour at first sight.

The silk-screened image on these sturdy (and recycled!) canvas totes is based on a hand-cut paper map of Paris designed and produced by the creative couple behind Famille Summerbelle. We just love the bright, graphic print and the whimsical detailing on the oft-forgotten sides of the bag. And at about 18″ by 14,” these carryalls live up to the promise of their name, allowing you to tote around the contents of just about your entire life around with you (and look cute while doing it).

And for those of you with geographical crushes that fall outside of France, Famille Summerbelle makes a London and New York version as well. Now everyone (and their stuff) is happy.


Big enough to hold your entire life but chic enough so you won't look like a bag lady.


We love the paper-doll feeling of the characters on this side detail.