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S/S 2015: New Keepsake Posts and Threads

Wednesday, March 11th, 2015

It’s only been a few weeks since our Spring / Summer 2015 collection launched, but we’ve already had an amazing response from everyone who’s seen it!

Our new Cities cards with CZ posts have quickly taken off – a series inspired not only by our love of travel, but all the places we’ve been and are hoping to go someday.


CZ Posts on Cities Cards {sterling silver $14, 14k gold vermeil $19}

Our new Paradise Found series celebrates the tropics and the beautiful colors of the peacock.  From the deep navy of the ocean and the soft pink of the sunset, to the blues and greens found in stunning feathers, our newest graphics are perfectly balanced with the black and white of our Enamel Knot Posts on rhodium or 14k gold plated sterling silver.


Enamel Knot Posts on Paradise Found Cards {rhodium or 14k gold plated sterling, $38}

Thread earrings have quickly become a viv&ingrid fan favorite, so for Spring/Summer we revisited our Riata style by adding our signature hand-beading with semiprecious stones to create Riata Biojux.  Available in four different colors, each style uses some of the same birthstones that have made our single drop necklaces and rings popular.


Riata Bijoux {available in sterling silver or 14k gold-fill, short or long: $72 – $103}

We hope you’re able to find something you love in our latest collection.  We’d love to know what your favorite pieces are – and any other feedback you have!  Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!

The new hoops & rings of S/S 2015

Tuesday, March 3rd, 2015

No matter what the current trend or season may be, there’s just no topping a good pair of classic hoops.  For our Spring/Summer collection, we wanted to go back to our roots and give our signature hoops a refreshed look with four new, bright and bold collections that are different, but just as wearable as the originals.


Our new Spiral Capri Hoops are a beautiful enigma.  We began our collection as a study of color and nautical stripes, but like a kaleidoscope, the Capri hoop seemed to transform with each size, color and wearer.  Available with a mix of stone & metallic beads or all semi-precious stones in three sizes, all handmade!


Left:  1.75″ Capri Hoops in 14k gold fill and Onyx/Mother of Pearl {$307}

Right:  1″ Capri Hoops in 14k gold fill and Malachite {$187}



These crescent shaped faceted stones and luminous pearls are inspired by moonlit promenades along the beach…  #thenightbelongstous #10000maniacs #nowplaying


Left:  .75″ Luna Hoops in 14k gold fill with Copper Hematite/pink freshwater pearl {$98}

Right:  1.25″ Luna Hoops in 14k gold fill with Mixed Hematite/Vitrail Medium Swarovski {$144}



Our new Duotone hoop and ring collection cuts an elegant and slim silhouette for spring.  Hand-wrapped in a perfect balance of precious metal and stone, each piece is equally comfortable on a pensive day at the MOMA or while cheerleading your favorite team on game day!


Left:  1.25″ Duotone Hoops in 14k gold fill and Red Coral {$120}

Right:  Duotone Rings in sterling silver {$31} and 14k gold vermeil {$41}



We sprinkled a bit of fairy dust on the classic viv&ingrid wrap hoop and voilà!  Precious, sparkly and playful are the new pastel colors of our Bijoux hoops and rings.  Each hand-wrapped piece is encrusted with Swarovski crystals and freshwater pearls.


Left:  Bijoux Ring in 14k gold vermeil with light topaz Swarovski crystals and champagne freshwater pearls {$77}

Right:  1″ Pastel Bijoux Hoops in 14k gold fill with metallic rose gold Swarovski crystals and pink freshwater pearls {$178}

Introducing the S/S 2015 Collection

Sunday, February 15th, 2015

“That’s the thing with magic.  You’ve got to know it’s still here, all around us, or it just stays invisible for you.”

-Charles De Lint

When it was time to start designing our Spring/Summer 2015 collection last year, we found ourselves looking ahead to our Sweet 16th year.  Even after having 15 years under our belt, we realized that things always end up coming full circle – so we decided to go back to our roots of classic, wearable hoops but with a reimagined vision of what the viv&ingrid woman is wearing in 2015.


“On Capri, a woman doesn’t live the seasons.  She lives life, love and passion.”

- Stefano & Domenico Gabbana

Inspired by Dolce & Gabbana’s Alta Moda Collection shown in Capri last year, we the incorporated bold, color blocked stripes that we saw in their stunning gowns into our timeless and classic signature hoops.  And after Ingrid’s recent trip to Mexico, inspired by travel, moonlit walks on the beach and the tropical colors of the peacock, new Keepsake Sets were born.

We’re proud to introduce a colorful collection full of viv&ingrid classics with fresh takes on the styles you already love.  Shop the entire S/S 2015 collection online and in store now!