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Sunday, March 5th, 2017


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oh, the places you’ll go

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Hooray, it’s time to graduate! For all you donning a cap and gown this month, that means you can officially put all those papers, exams and all-nighters behind you. We know what hard work it is getting through school, so we want to send a great big “congratulations” to the class of 2012! While we are always in favor of celebrations, we also know how daunting it is to step into the real world. After years of having your life dictated by a syllabus, the reality of freedom can be overwhelming. That is why, with the help of Russell and Hazel, we have decided to make your transition into the world of break rooms and pay stubs just a little bit smoother.

 Mornings can be hectic. They seem to be especially chaotic on days when you need to be somewhere important, like a job interview. In our experience, when mornings are at their worst (we’re talking mornings when your alarm doesn’t go off and your dog decides to make a chew toy out of the shoes you were planning on wearing), keys always disappear. Honestly, it’s like they know when you’re running late and they roll themselves under the sofa just to spite you. For this reason, we have fallen in love with Russell and Hazel’s Fringe Keychains {1}. They are adorable and BIG! How can you possibly lose your keys when they are attached to so much gold fringe? Of course, we cannot control the alarm clock or the silly puppy, but at least we know that when you are sprinting out the door to get to that interview, you will have one less thing to sweat over.

 Okay, so you made it out the door and you’re at your interview. We have been told that it’s those first impressions that are vital when convincing someone you are perfect for the job. To make your introduction memorable, we suggest Russell and Hazel’s Gold Folio {2}. Clutching one of these in your arm while going for that initial handshake (remember, make it a firm one!) is a guaranteed way to completely wow your interviewer. The folio is designed for an iPad, but also has room for a pad of paper, so you can be attentive and professional, but stay completely fabulous while doing so.

 Of course you get the job. Between your accessories and your charm, there is no way anyone could turn you down! Now that you have secured your first official job, why not spread the word? The business card holder we have from Russell and Hazel {3} is one of our favorite ways to show everyone how far we’ve come. Between their amazing leather scent and their beautiful purples and golds, we like to pull them out every chance we get. Plus, busting out a business card makes us feel oh so grown up! Congratulations, once again, to the class of 2012 and we hope your journey into the world is full of excitement, fun, and joy!

Wanderlust: Viv&Ingrid Spring 2012

Thursday, March 1st, 2012


wan·der·lust [wan-der-luhst]


1. a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about

2. viv&ingrid’s spring 2012 collection. inspired by vivid landscapes. infuses classic styling with a bohemian aesthetic. bold with an effortless wearability.

Available in Oxford Hall now.