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Sale extended! Take 30% off jewelry for Mother’s Day! #mom

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Sale extended through Monday, 4/27!

Mother’s Day is upon us, and we’re here to help you celebrate all the moms and mother figures in your life! Whether you’re shopping for personalized jewelry, birthstones or that pair of hoops she’s been hinting at, we’ve got you covered!

And to make your shopping even easier, we’re giving you 30% off in store {on full-priced jewelry only} and online at! Just enter code #MOM at checkout – offer expires April 27!


Tocca Liliana Eau de Parfum & Rollerball and our 14k gold-fill and semiprecious Mother of Pearl Stackable Bracelet


From left:  “Hogs and Kisses” postcard by Emily McDowell, “Eggs” cookbook by Short Stack Editions, soaps & bath tablets by Formulary 55 and handmade photo album by Poise


Our signature Pretty Posts, available in rhodium plated sterling, 14k gold vermeil and 14k rose vermeil


Our Stackable Chrome rings in semiprecious hematite {available in rhodium plated sterling and 14k gold vermeil}, shown with a vintage handkerchief and Formulary 55 candle

mother, dearest

Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013

13MDAY 4.22

mommy, dearest

Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Mom. Momma. Mother. Mommy, dearest. Lady - whatever you call the most important woman in your life, it is certain that she needs a little appreciation every now and then.

After all, we’re talking about the mom who saw you through diapers and five to ten outfit changes a day due to your one-month-old propensity to empty half the contents of your stomach onto every cute onesie in your itty bitty dresser drawers. The mom who forsook more indulgent weekend plans to accompany you to Chuck E Cheese for the four hundred and six thousandth and one time, waiting patiently while you attempted {but never successfully} to land a round wooden ball in the 100,000 hole in Skee Ball. The mom who simply smiled as her plucky preteen disappeared beneath a heavy sheath of bangs and yards of unidentifiable black apparel during several recurring bouts of self “discovery.”

Yes, more than a little appreciation is due. And what better day to show it than Mother’s Day {for your reference, this year it falls on Sunday, May 13th}? And what better way than with a little something from Viv&Ingrid at Oxford Hall? Just for the holiday we have a special selection of Viv & Ingrid jewelry that makes a great reward for the patient whiling away of hours while you attempted to achieve Skee Ball domination. Our birthstone collection is the perfect, sparkly reminder of how much she loves her offspring, which can come in handy as another science project goes awry/you break curfew/call her yet again for some complimentary babysitting {trust us, pretty and sparkly covers all manner of sins}.

So come on, show your momma some love this Mother’s Day with a perfect present from Viv&Ingrid at Oxford Hall. We’ll even wrap it up with a pretty bow – the effort of which may or may not get you off dish duty for a night.


Who, pray tell are these adorable little munchkins? None other than mini-Ingrid {left} and mini-Vivian {right}. With their mommas, naturally – the great women who helped make them into great women themselves.