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La vie en rose (chocolate).

Wednesday, July 13th, 2011

On the short list of things that make us blissfully happy, squeezed in between treasure hunting at the Alameda Point Antiques Faire and Iced Green Tea Lemonades {with an add shot of peppermint, of course} is Maison Bouche chocolate. What could be better than a real life version of Antiques Roadshow or icy, green tea-y goodness, you ask? Ummm – try crumbled butter cookies enrobed in velvety, rich dark chocolate. Need we say more?

Based out of Oakland, Maison Bouche takes its name from the 18th century French Court kitchen services, and appropriately so. With decadent flavor combinations ranging from fleur de sel to rose with candied mint leaves, we think Louis XIV himself would have approved {jury is still out on if your favorite pair of skinny jeans will feel the same way}. To boot, owner Diane Beaty hand delivers each order to our store, always to much applause and fanfare on our part {yes, we clap for chocolate}. Even better? Pop in on a Saturday and you’ll find one selection of her delicious confections out for sampling – yes, that’s right, we’ll ply you with candy while you shop.

See you this weekend? Yeah, we thought so. 

Bikini or butter cookies? What to do, what to do... Errr - we hear one pieces are making a comeback.




Breaking Up With Plastic

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

If you’re anything like us, a water bottle is just about attached at your hip {right next to your cell phone, of course}. And if you reach for it as many times a day as we do, toting around a plastic bottle just won’t do, aesthetically or environmentally. Tell Evian and Fiji to pack their bags for their trip to the recycling plant, and reach for a Bkr {pronounced beaker}- the newest {and coolest} solution to all of your hydration problems.

Designed in San Francisco, these eco-friendly water bottles are actually made of glass then cleverly slipped into a 100% recyclable silicone sleeve for an end result that is utterly practical yet still chic. Tal Soltz, President and Founder of BKR, developed the bottle with a mind towards marrying green principles with a minimalist aesthetic. The best part? Because glass is chemically inert, it won’t leech into whatever you decide to fill your bottle with, be it H2O or chocolate milk. And with five colors to choose from, there’s a Bkr for everybody to love. Looks like disposable water bottles {along with PET, BPA and every other scary sounding acronym} are a thing of the past. Sorry plastic – we traded up.

Bkr: Taking the crunch out of green design, one water bottle at a time.

If all the raindrops were lemon drops and… Mehlenbacher’s Taffy?

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Ok, so sue us – we cannot sing and we obviously cannot write lyrics (or even mediocrely improvise on existing ones). We can however, spend the next few hundred or so words attempting to describe to you how devastatingly delicious our newest shipment of goods for the store is. Mehlenbacher’s Taffy, meet (your name here). You, meet eat devour every stick in sight all of the above, Mehlenbacher’s Taffy.

This isn’t your grandma’s, buy-it-in-a-barrel standard salt water taffy. This is that stuff on steroids, or perhaps another enhancing substance without the dangerous side effects, because the only bad thing that happens when this candy is in the room is that you lose all semblance of self control (like we had any to begin with). Mehlenbacher’s Taffy makes you feel like a kid in a candy store in all the best of ways. The woodblock-inspired label evokes just the right sense of nostalgia while the candy bar-sized portion gives you something seriously delicious to chew on now and later (and then some!). And in the 10 flavors we carry, there is something for everyone, even those supposed taffy naysayers. From Strawberry Cheesecake to Iced Coffee, Mehlenbacher’s Taffy will make a believer of you yet.

I would say something clever here, but I'm busy eating taffy.