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Happy Halloween!

Saturday, October 27th, 2012

A little bit of Halloween, a whole lot of Viv&Ingrid at Oxford Hall {read: lots of gold glitter}.

We got inspired to get to glittering and polka dotting {yes, that is a verb} after reading Whitney Deal’s blog, but really kicked it into gear once we stumbled upon the pumpkin carving contest hosted by another one of our favorite morning reads, A Beautiful Mess. So they’re not your typical jack-o-lantern, but they’re just the right touch of autumn loveliness to add to our little shop before we descend into holiday madness. {Real talk – Christmas is now less than sixty days away – if we’ve gone missing you’ll find us in the back room binging on peppermint bark and making these until our fingers fall off}.

So Happy Halloween to you and yours – we hope you get pillow cases full of candy and no ensuring trips to the dentist! As a side note, all unwanted Reeses products can be mailed to Viv&Ingrid at Oxford Hall. Including a self addressed and postage paid envelope will result in the return of all of the Mike&Ikes and banana runts that end up in our aforementioned pillow cases.

the golden rule

Tuesday, October 16th, 2012


Around here at Oxford Hall, the golden rule seems to be that there is not much that won’t be improved with the addition of gold glitter. Be it remnants of a kindergarten fascination with the shiny stuff or a Pinterest-driven obsession to craft, we’ll call it like we see it – Viv&Ingrid at Oxford Hall and gold glitter are sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G. First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes glitter babies in sparkly baby carriages.

And with that, our latest glittered addition the store! With all of our new additions from Julie Hewett {more on that later}, we’ve become quite the collector of disposable lipsticks brushes, q-tips and makeup sponges. After all, we want everyone to have as much fun playing with the makeup as we do. But playing inevitably leads to those same brushes, q-tips and sponges being covered in all manner of reds, pinks, corals and our customers in need of a trash can. And, of course, not just any old trash can would do. A a glittered mason-jar-turned-trash-can, however, would do just perfectly. And a little glitter glue, a half a bottle of extra fine gold glitter and ten minutes later, that was that.


The finished product – although we are thinking a trip to the craft store for some shellac in aerosol form is necessary to prevent shedding. You could also try glittering the inside of the jar a la A Beautiful Mess {the inspiration for this project}.

The usual suspects – our favorite extra fine glitter and Martha Stewart brand glittering glue. FYI – no different than normal kraft glue, but it does come with a handy, dandy little brush that is connected to the cap. The object that you would have adhered yourself to ten minutes in the future will thank you.

Warning – in addition to glitter babies and sparkly baby carriages, the use of extra fine glitter may also lead to glitter hands. 

glitter, glitter everywhere

Monday, May 14th, 2012

Hello there – we hope you all had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend. Among other things, ours included pancakes, a hilariously harrowing trip to Crate & Barrel that involved a toddler and a several wine glasses and the Survivor finale. Did anyone else not realize that show had been on for twenty four seasons? Is anyone else slightly alarmed at the prospect of feeling old in respect to reality television?

At any rate, we came back to the office today and dove headlong into a few projects that will be coming to fruition soon! What might they be, you ask? Brides! Birthdays! And glitter – so it doesn’t start with a “b” and totally ruins the alliteration, but it is still pretty fabulous. And obsession-worthy – particularly glitter of the gold variety. So here is a quick photo of some pinterest-inspired projects we were tooling around with today, and we’ll be back soon with some big news!

Happy Monday!

Wanna try it for yourself? Check out the tutorial here.