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Wednesday, January 18th, 2012

It happens every year – we begin the first of January bright-eyed and bushy-tailed with the intentions to reinvent ourselves. We will be more active! We will eat local, sustainable, raw vegan diets – that is right after we finish a 10 day juice cleanse and return from a yoga/meditation retreat where cell phones, processed foods and poly-blends are prohibited! We will not curse the sun, moon and the entirety of the solar system when we’re cut off in traffic and occasionally pay for the person behind us when we’re crossing the toll plaza on the Bay Bridge. Then, inevitably, the third week of January rolls around and we’ve rediscovered our love for our sofas, medium-rare cheeseburgers and profanity-ridden commutes over bridges where our Fast Trak makes it impossible to pay for anyone but ourselves. Sigh. You know what they say about good intentions.

So this year we decided to start small. Not baby steps, but perhaps bitty baby, Polly Pocket-sized steps. Maybe not go vegan, but try a meatless Monday, or at least eat a few more green things here and there {happy mom?}. Not run another marathon {Ingrid’s calves are still protesting} but take on a 5- and maybe a 10K every now and then. And limit it to one swear word per thoughtless driver on Highway 80. We’re feeling better already.

What else is on our list? In our lifelong quest to make Emily Post proud {did anyone else read Etiquette just for fun growing up? no? anyone?} we have resolved to make 2012 one dedicated to the details – like the sweetest thank you note we received last week from one of our favorites over at Ruby Press, Miss Becca Blanco {check out her fabulous blog over here!}. Opening the card, we were totally struck by the impact a small gesture could have. From the beautiful card and it’s scalloped envelope, to the impeccable address stamp {we’re officially obsessed – check them out from locally-based Linea Carta here}, we were totally taken. And we loved that something as small as a thank you could make us feel so special. This is just one of the reasons we opened Oxford Hall – we wanted to have a place where you can buy a gift that makes everyone feel just like that. And so we resolved {a bit late on the new year’s end, but it still counts} to take that feeling with us in 2012 – to make the small things count, because in the end, something like a beautifully-crafted, lady-like card or thoughtfully-written note can make someone’s day. Oh yes, and we also need to be better about writing aforementioned thank you notes.

So that’s our resolution. That, and to put more mini-pigs on the blog. Because those are small and can make someone’s day a bit better too.

Til next time!

We are convinced everything Kimberly Austin of Austin Press touches turns to gold. And gorgeous paper goods.