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Q: Dear Alise,

When it comes to blush, I am completely clueless. I love the effortless flush of the cardigan-clad models in the J. Crew catalog, but when I attempt to recreate it, I end up more Barnum and Bailey than Behati Prinsloo. And with so many colors and formulations to choose from, my makeup cabinet is full of all manner of rosy regrets. HELP!


Baffled and Blush-less


A: Be baffled not, Blush-less!

Indeed, the sheer number of options available for creating that coral complexion is dizzying! But worry not  - here are my recommendations for any blush beginner:

With both cream and powder options to choose from, you have an opportunity to switch up your look with just one product! Powder blushes are usually more pigmented and require less color to achieve a flattering, matte flush and can be applied quickly with a large, loose brush to the apples of your cheek {you know, the part your grandma used to pinch}. Cream blushes, on the other hand {ahem, cheek}, are better when you’re going for a more dewy finish. These formulations can be easily applied either with your fingertips or with a shorter-bristled, stiffer brush by making a check mark along your cheekbone and then blend, blend, blend! For extra staying power, finish it off with a dusting of translucent setting powder.

One word of caution, my lovelies – avoid cream blush if you’re having a bout with blemishes. Powder blush is your friend here! And, as always, keep your applicators {fingertips, brushes, or otherwise} clean as a whistle as this will prevent the spread and proliferation of the bacteria that causes breakouts. A little mild soap and water goes a long way!

Below, I’ve included a few photos tips as well as two of my favorite blush options. My powder pick is Julie Hewett’s Bud of Rose – a universally flattering shade of petal pink that does wonders for any and all complexions. As far as creams go, I like to take a few more risks here and choose a more daring shade of rouge as these products tend to wear more sheerly. Julie Hewett’s Cheeky in Peachie fits the bill nicely. While it looks a little daunting in the palette, it wears much tamer than it appears and blends to a lovely shade of pinky-orange that is one of my favorite shades for summertime.


Ask Alise - Unblushed

Ask Alise - Cream Blush

Ask Alise - Powder Blush

Ask Alise - The Tools

Get the look! Above – Julie Hewett’s Cheeky Palette in Peachie – $22; Below – Julie Hewett’s Bud of Rose Blush – $33. Both available at Viv&Ingrid at Oxford Hall now!

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