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Fancy, huh?

We digress. With all the cute-ifying we’ve been doing to the blog lately, we thought we would be remiss to not put our heads together and come up with some equally cute content to post. One brainstorming session and more than a few venti, extra hot, no foam soy green tea lattes with sugar free peppermint syrup later and this newest venture – Ask Alise – was born.

Who is Alise? Besides being ridiculously we’re-not-worthy cool, she also happens to be a fabulous stylist with over twenty years of experience in the industry. She really has done it all – from owning her own salon to editorial work and is our go-to expert in all things beauty-related. {Check her out now over at Jaujou Studio in Oakland – real talk: best cut in the East Bay.}

And what, exactly, do we ask Alise? Being as in we’re makeup un-inclined {that’s a nice way of saying we’re all thumbs with a mascara wand} we wanted to bring in a real deal expert to answer all of our customers beauty questions. What’s the difference between a cream blush and a powder blush? How do I do a smoky eye without looking like rabid raccoon? Alise has the answers, and from now on you’ll find them all here on the OH blog. We hope you enjoy this new mini-series as much as we have putting it together {and a big thanks to all of our Oxford Hall shop girls for being our guinea pigs/models for our how-to shots}.

Q: Dear Alise,

I love a new red lipstick I just purchased, but sometimes I think it is just TOO red. Is there a way I can make it more sheer and wearable for daytime? Sometimes that “femme fatale” look is a little much for a Wednesday at work.

The Unintentional Office Vamp


A: My Dearest Unintentional Vamp,

A bold, red lip has its time and place and yes, you’re right – your AM staff meeting is probably neither. To get double duty from your favorite new shade, mix a scrapping of it {use a knife or another object to remove a small piece} on the back of your hand with a sheer balm. A lip brush will make a cleaner job of it, but your fingers can be used as well. Once you have an even mixture, apply to your lips and voilà – an office appropriate rouge! {Tip – the less lipstick and more balm you use, the more subtle the final result}. Check out the photo tutorial below for the step-by-step!



Ask Alise The Tools

Ask Alise Mix it Up

Ask Alise The Results

Want the look? Check out Julie Hewett’s Femme Noir Lipstick {$26} and Natural Camellia Balm {$23} – both available at Oxford Hall now.

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