samples, samples everywhere

Thanks again to everyone who came out to our sample sale last weekend – what a whirlwind of a Saturday! If you didn’t make it out {or you just want to shop some more V&I deals} please do join us this weekend, 12/15 and 12/16, for the final weekend of our sale! We will be adding more styles that will all be up to 50% off! That means two presents for yourself for every one you find for someone else {or is our math wrong}?

To boot, we’ll also be hosting a Maison Bouche chocolate tasting this Saturday, 12/15! All purchases from our favorite Oakland-based chocolatier will be 10% off and we have stocked up on all of her signature holiday creations. Trust us when we say that her milk chocolate Mint Candy Cane bar makes up for the hassle of finding a parking space in downtown Berkeley {and, coincidentally, you can finish the whole bar in the time is takes you to walk back to said car read: it’s up and down delicious}.

See you there!



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