wedding week

Shark week, schmark week. While we fully appreciate a full scale model of a great white, replete with a working model of their infamous jaws, there is nothing that moves us like a wedding. Whether it is a 300+ person black tie affair or an impromptu elopement to Vegas, we can’t help but find a little romance in every detail.

Next week, we’ve got some big bridal news to share with all of you {like win something big!}, and in preparation we thought we could dedicate the next days to all things wedding related. To kick it off, we thought we’d share something close to our own hearts – a snapshot from the Viv in Viv&Ingrid’s wedding. It was an untraditional affair with a ceremony at City Hall in San Francisco, but every bit the big, romantic day a bride would want.


We’ll be back with some Viv&Ingrid wedding style soon! Happy wedding week!


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