a cupcake a day

Red velvet cake has always been a sort of a mystery to us. Without enough cocoa to truly qualify as a chocolate cake but with most recipes suggesting enough food coloring to turn your hands/measuring spoons/and any other porous kitchen surface they touch red for a week, it is ill-defined at best. Describing the flavor is tantamount to proclaiming Schrodinger’s cat dead. {Or alive, for that matter.} The buttermilk lends it a tang, the cocoa a mild richness and – well, that’s about it. Well, that is until you get to the matter of the icing, because as most good southern recipes recommend, it is topped with a hearty dollop of cream cheese frosting, which would make just about everything taste like rainbows {read: delicious}.

But enough’s enough. It’s red. It involves cream cheese frosting. And it is re-friggin-diculously good. We know because we’re eating some as  we type – freshly baked for a coworker’s birthday celebration today. And while we can’t blog you a cupcake, we can blog you our beloved Smitten Kitchen recipe, the one without which all of our red velvet dreams would have withered up and died, so you can make some for yourself. Because these ones are ours – all ours. OK?






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