glitter, glitter everywhere

Hello there – we hope you all had a lovely Mother’s Day weekend. Among other things, ours included pancakes, a hilariously harrowing trip to Crate & Barrel that involved a toddler and a several wine glasses and the Survivor finale. Did anyone else not realize that show had been on for twenty four seasons? Is anyone else slightly alarmed at the prospect of feeling old in respect to reality television?

At any rate, we came back to the office today and dove headlong into a few projects that will be coming to fruition soon! What might they be, you ask? Brides! Birthdays! And glitter – so it doesn’t start with a “b” and totally ruins the alliteration, but it is still pretty fabulous. And obsession-worthy – particularly glitter of the gold variety. So here is a quick photo of some pinterest-inspired projects we were tooling around with today, and we’ll be back soon with some big news!

Happy Monday!

Wanna try it for yourself? Check out the tutorial here.

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