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Oh, Friday. As our UPS driver always says, it’s his {and our} favorite time of the week. After all, there is nothing quite like those last few hours at the close of a long work week. For us 9 to 5ers, the prospect of 48 hours of freedom makes for an anticipatory buzz that is deadened only by the deafening sound of our alarm clocks Monday morning. The possibilities seem endless – our DVRs are full of trashy reality shows, primed for a Sunday afternoon of marathon couch potato-ing, lazy Saturday brunches beckon with the siren song of butter-laden French toast and seasonal vegetable scrambles and, if the weather agrees, the sunshine demands that we must bask in its rays in any and all manners of outdoor activity. {Our recommendation? Not that you asked, but nothing tastes better with early spring weather than two fish tacos from the Cholita Linda taco stand at the Jack London Square Farmer’s Market followed by a catnap on the grassy area conveniently located twenty feet away from the aforementioned tacos. Just sayin’.}

But, just before we turn our weekend daydreams into a reality, we must admit it hasn’t been that shabby of a week. Valentines Day was a complete and total success – we sent many a significant other home toting treats of edible and inedible natures to make their counterparts have a sweet February 14th. We enjoyed a few treats of our own from our very own sweeties, and we are wrapping up this delightfully warm Friday with a fabulous Viv&Ingrid feature in the March 2012 Self and some cupcakes.

Not a bad way to end a work week, if you ask us. Now we’re off to conquer the weekend. ‘Til next time.


The skinny wrap hoops from the March issue of Self. We fell in love with these all over again.


Mmmmm cupcakes. And tacos. And cupcakes and tacos. We know what we’re doing this weekend.

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