spring has sprung

Add making paper dahlias garland to our list of semi-useless but mostly endearing traits – we succeeded! And just in time for the sky to open up and drop a fresh batch of early spring showers down upon us. All is well – these tissue flowers are bright enough to cheer us up through any bout of less than sunny weather, and they’re a cinch to make!


The tutorial can be found here, but a few cautionary notes:

1. There is absolutely no need to go out and procure floral wire for this project. We used monofilament {translation: fishing line} for tying the accordion folds in half as well as connecting each flower and it worked just fine.

2. The recommended sizing of 20″ by 30″ pieces of tissue paper will produce gargantuan results. We did three sizes: 5″ by 7″ (red), 6″ by 9″ (pink) and 8″ by 12″ (orange) and it worked out just fine. Martha also suggests eight sheets per flower – we found this worked nicely for the two smaller sizes, but 12 sheets made a more attractive large flower {we imagine even more would be appropriate if you went the full 20″ by 30″).

3. Martha also fails to discuss the tediousness that is fluffing these little puffballs. You imagine each sheet will lift away from its mates easily and retain its perfectly folded shape . Erroneous. When you start, it will look like a craft a five-year-old gave up on during art time in kindergarten. Persevere! In the end, the scalloped or pointed edges will fan out enough to cover the crinkled interior and in no time you will have a beautiful end result!

Once we finished making about a bazillion of these little guys, we tied them all together using pieces of monofilament {we hid the knots in their fluff} and then strung them up on our window. Festive!

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