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viv&ingrid spring 2014: the sunflower collection

March 5th, 2014

Florals and spring go together like tacos and Tuesday, picnics and 70 degree weather,  or manis and any day that ends in D-A-Y. They just work. So when it came time to design spring, it was hard to ignore the power of flowers. Not that this is our first foray into nature-inspired silhouettes. Case in point – our bestselling Fleurette collection, our Pretty Posts and our newest Pave offerings.

Sweet floral shapes are part and parcel to the delicate, super wearable jewelry that we love to design. So for spring 2014, we wanted to find a way to bring you that same wearability and delicateness you all love but with a fresh perspective. Enter our new Sunflower collection, which pairs bright pops of color from semi-precious stones with intricate hand-beading. The result is sweet, sophisticated and playful – the perfect accessory for spring {and every season after}.

Sunflower 3

Sunflower 4

Sunflower 5

Sunflower 6

viv&ingrid Sunflower Collection, available now {$91 – $115}



Fifteen Years of the Viv&Ingrid Hoop

March 2nd, 2014

For our spring 2014 collection, we went back to basics. From our new delicately hand-woven pendants to fresh takes on our dainty charms, we’ve re-embraced the wearability and quality that our customers have come to know and love us for. In that same vein of reinvention, we decided to take another look at our bestselling hoops.

If we had to pick a bread and butter item in the Viv&Ingrid line, our Signature Wrap and Spiral Hoops are it. Our customers fall in love with these styles time and time again, whether they’ve just stumbled into our little shop on Oxford Street for the first time or making their umpteenth purchase from our website. They’re classic, versatile and practical for every woman of every age and at any point in her life. Our customers wear them to work, to yoga class, to the grocery store, to birthday parties, to weddings and everywhere in between.

But if you know us, you know we’ve never been the type to fall into the “don’t fix it if it ain’t broke” hole. Call it crazy {or our incessant Virgo tendency to try and make our best better}, but for spring we wanted to update our classic hoops in new shapes, colors and silhouettes that you all {hopefully} would love just as much as the Wrap and Spiral styles we’ve built Viv&Ingrid on for the past 15 years. And we couldn’t be happier with the results.

But with all this looking forward, we couldn’t also help but look back a bit. As you can imagine, in 15 years we’ve designed our fair share of hoops. And along with all the newness we’ve been posting, we thought it would be fun to take a peek into the V&I vault and share some vintage Viv&Ingrid. Enjoy {and shop the new collection over at vivandingrid.com now!}.

History of Hoops 1 - Confetti Wrap Hoops

Viv&Ingrid Confetti Wrap Hoops

History of Hoops 3 - Two Tone Striped Hoops 1

History of Hoops 4 - Two Toned Striped Hoops 2

Viv&Ingrid Striped Hoops – these two toned gems were featured in In Style #majormoment

History of Hoops 5 - Organic Hoops 1

History of Hoops 6 - Organic Hoops 2

Viv&Ingrid Organic Wrap Hoops

History of Hoops 7- Ombre Spiral Hoops

History of Hoops 8 - Ombre Spiral Hoops

Viv&Ingrid Ombre Spiral Hoops – before ombre hair we had ombre hoops!

History of Hoops 9 - Rainbow Spiral Hoops

Viv&Ingrid Rainbow Spiral Hoops

History of Hoops 10 - Wire Wrap Hoops

History of Hoops 11 - Wire Wrap Hoops 2

Viv&Ingrid Wire Wrap Hoops

History of Hoops 12 - Disco hoops

History of Hoops 13 - Disco Hoops 2

Viv&Ingrid Disco Ball Hoops – for the days when our fans needed a serious P.O.C. {pop of color}


viv&ingrid spring 2014 – milagros

February 26th, 2014

In Spanish, “milagros” means miracles and is a term used to refer to small charms that are traditionally used for purposes of healing, protection and luck. When we were designing spring 2014, we fell in love with the idea of designing some small pieces with this thought in mind. So often we hear women talk about how Viv&Ingrid jewelry plays a role in their life; most recently, a customer called in to tell us about how her grandchildren gifted her a Birthstone Paillette Necklace, and how they love to sit in her lap and find the birthstone on the pendant that represents them. We hope these new Milagros offerings will create the same special history for their wearers.

Milagros 1

Mini Abacus Necklace, $72

Milagros 2

Mini Abacus Bracelet, $58

Milagros 3

Seedling Bracelet, $62

Milagros 4

Seedling Bracelet {shown in Gold/Pyrite) – $62

Milagros 5

Woven Ring Necklace, $84

Milagros 6

Seedling Necklace {shown in Gold/Pyrite}, $82

Milagros 7

Seedling Necklace {shown in Silver/Hematite}, $82